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Tracking and Reporting
At we understand the importance of tracking not only visitors to your website, but also how these visitors translate to desired actions, such as a sale or lead (Conversion Tracking). Traditionally,  the number of visitors was used as a measure of a web site's success but the question must be asked: "How many of these visitors perform actions on your web site that you want them to perform? Any marketing campaign is pretty useless if it generates many visitors but none of these visitors "converted". Converting visitors to customers is what most of today's web sites are about. Conversion Tracking is a form of web site traffic analytics that measures the effectiveness of a source directing visitors to a web site and persuading them to take a desired action. The source could be a referrer, a search engine, a search phrase used etc. It could also be a characteristic of the visitor for instance the country, age, income etc. The desired action could be the completion of an order page, the sign-up of a newsletter etc. The effectiveness is expressed as a percentage called the Conversion Rate.

We also have the ability to provide detailed statistics about your website visitors such as:

  • Track all web traffic on your site or the sites of your clients. 
  • Use cookie-based and IP-based tracking together for the most accurate statistics.
  • Track actions, sales, split tests, campaigns and more.
  • Detailed real time reports for sales, products, actions, split tests, referrers, search engines, search keywords, visitors browsers and more.
  • Conversion rates for actions and sales; (ROI) for campaigns and campaign groups
  • Track multiple sites from one admin..
  • Track PPC clicks.
  • Detect click fraud.
  • Track visitors: with Javascript, using plain HTML and even with PHP.
  • Statistics for countries (see sales per country, actions per country and more).
  • Create unlimited campaigns and campaign groups.
  • Specify costs for a campaign either per click or as totals.
  • Use A/B split tests to find the most effective marketing copies and web pages.
  • Catch loading of important web pages with actions.
  • Actions can be configured to redirect the visitor to a pre-defined URL.
  • Monitor particular visitors and visitor groups activity.
  • Complete visitors paths are available as a separate report.
  • Find visitors statistics using their IP.
  • Save custom reports in"My Tracker" section for easy access later with only 2 clicks.
  • Print reports.
  • Export reports in Excel/CSV format.
  • Use powerful filters in the reports that help to display only the data that you need.
  • Sort reports by any available column.
  • Additional statistics for screen resolutions, screen color depth and Flash versions.
  • Dynamic flash charts are available for all the reports in the .
  • Duplicate events protection (duplicate clicks, duplicate sales and more).
  • For every sale it is possible to track total value, product name, product quantity and a custom order id from your own sales system.
  • Statistics are available in aggregated form and as a log of the latest events.

BuildTraffic Tracking and Reporting $29.95/ month


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We use PayPal, the most trusted name in online payments to process our tracking and reporting orders. Please note: You do NOT need a PayPal account nor will you be required to get one to order.You can use any major credit card to place your order.

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