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Search Engine Submission

Our BuildTraffic.NET service  is a complete set of over 20 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that enables you to understand and manage the entire search engine marketing process, so you can achieve top rankings for your website. NO other submission service comes close to what we offer; not only do you get unlimited submissions to over 1 MILLION sites, but you also have unlimited access to the tools needed to get you a top search engine ranking.

Use BuildTraffic.NET to submit and optimize your site to top search engines and:

check Improve your site with expert search engine optimization advice

check Get access to our Inclusion Program
    Guaranteed top 10 Position on 200+ Engines

check Use our keyword tool to find the best keyword phrases to include on your pages

check Track your progress by monitoring your search engine rankings

check Check your link popularity and be alerted to broken links

check Get detailed reports sent to you by email or online

check Unlimited access to our powerful tools

check Get online support 24x7, and much much more...



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BuildTraffic.NET allows you unlimited access to all these powerful search engine tools.

Automatic Search Engine Submitter
Our submitter is one of the most powerful promotional tools of our service. With more than 700,000 sites to submit to, Your site gets indexed with ease! Just schedule when you want to be submitted and the system does the rest for you! Not only this but our built in spider will grab all the URLs from your site and add them to the submission queue. This spider will also extract your keywords and site title directly from your site saving you lots of time.


Automatically add all the URLs, titles, descriptions, and keywords from your site to the submission queue.


You also get to individually select the sites
you want to submit to.
Each site is broken down by its category.

You can then use the system to automatically submit your site at any time or interval you choose.


You will also get a detailed report of all submissions.
You can select to get this report from your browser or via email.


Guaranteed Inclusion (additional fees apply)
Using our guaranteed inclusion system you will get a guaranteed Top 10 listing on over 200 search engines within 6-8 hours. You will also only be charged a flat fee with no bidding and no pay per click charges. Simply select the keywords you want to get listed for, design your ad, and choose the duration you want to be listed for
(3 or 12 months). That's it! Getting a top 10 listing on so many search engines has never been so easy. 



Our monitor tool allows you to monitor your website ranking, link popularity, and Google PageRank.
You can set it up so you received detailed emailed reports either monthly or weekly or simply login to check your current standings. This allows you to analyze your optimization techniques and see what is working and what is not over time.


Add Ranking Monitor

Ranking Monitor Report

Add Link Popularity Monitor

Link Popularity Monitor Report

Add Page Rank Monitor

Page Rank Monitor Report

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Link popularity checker 
Link popularity is the number of other Web sites that contain links to your site. Many factors can effect the search results returned by search engines. A major factor in search engine ranking is "linkage", that is, other web sites with links pointing to your site. A web site with a larger amount of "other sites" linking to it would score a higher relevance ranking than one with fewer links.


Check Link Popularity

Link Popularity Report

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Google PageRank
PageRank™ is an exclusive technology of Google which evaluates the popularity of your Website's pages by a note between 0 and 10.

Check Your PageRank

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Link Relevancy Checker 
Find out in one click why pages rank the way they do. This tool presents this data in four different tables where, usually in a matter of seconds, you can see for yourself why pages rank the way they do. Want to be ranked #1 on the search engines for your targeted keyword? Then simply run the Link Relevancy Checker on the Website that is currently ranked #1 for that keyword - then make sure your site is at least one link better!

Link Relevancy Check Results


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Keyword Density Analyzer
The tool will analyze a web page for select keywords. This tool has many options which will help analyze a competitors site, and show you why a given site may be achieving a higher ranking than you. Simply the best way to gain a higher rank!


Simply enter your url and a competitor who outranks you to find our why

Keyword Density Results

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Search Engine Ranking
Find out how your pages are doing in the search engines! This highly sophisticated tool will search the world engines via a keyword or phase finding out just how and where your pages are ranked.


Select the keywords, URL, and engines you want to check rank for

Ranking Report

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Search Engine Coverage
Find out how many of your pages are listed in different engines.


Search Engine Coverage Results

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Broken Link Check
This tool will spider your website for any broken links. Broken links can adversely affect your search engine rankings


Meta Tag Generator
Easily create meta tags for your site that some engines will use when determining how to rank your site.

Our system will automatically make metatags for you

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Keyword Generator
Our Keyword generator is designed to query the world search engine databases for the most used keyword queries used by web surfers! This tools allows you to get the Top keywords and phrases from the major search engines at the click of a button. You can then use these keywords to create both meta tags and doorway pages to maximize traffic to your website! If you don't have good keywords, you won't get traffic!


Generate hundreds of keywords automatically


Top Keyword Finder
This powerful tool gives you the ability to find out what keywords are being 'most searched' in the major search engines. Why is this important? If you're competing with 1000 other sites to sell your widget, wouldn't it be nice to know what keywords people are using to find your competitors widgest the most? You can then use those keywords in your meta tags and doorway pages. This is one of the most underutilized tools on the Net, but one of the most powerful for driving traffic to your web site!


Find keywords easily without any competition

Doorway Page Generator
This powerful tool gives you the ability to generate highly optimized pages for the search engines.

And Much More.....

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