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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Tune-Up


Search Engine Optimization Tune-Up Of Your Website


Our SEO Tune-Up will quickly  improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and bing.

Our SEO Tune-Up is designed for those that know their site could do better with professional search engine optimization, and are not ready to commit to a monthly contract, or don't have a budget for a long-term  SEO program. Your Website search engine optimization Tune-Up will be done by trained SEO specialists with over 10 years experience helping clients get better rankings on the major search engines

It's perfect for small businesses, start up websites, and those that are not generating significant revenue...yet.

Unlike alot of other SEO companies we realize that not all websites need a full fledged search engine optimization program. Since our SEO Tune-Up covers all the essential elements of any successful SEO campaign this work needs to be done no matter what SEO package or program you are doing. In fact, the majority of our clients are content with just the SEO Tune-Up service since we have a success rate of over 95% getting a  1st page rankings on Google, Yahoo! and bing.

Get the fast results you deserve,  and the tools you need for your continued success.

The SEO Tune-Up program gets you results fast! If you're not listed in Google yet, you will be within 48 hours after signing up with our service! Not only that, we will improve current rankings, as well as get you more rankings that you may already have with all major engines including Google, Yahoo! and bing. We also provide you Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. Google analytics will allow you to see how visitors are finding your website as well as what they are doing once they are on your website. Google webmaster tools will allow you to monitor all of your sites rankings and see what keywords are driving you traffic and the rankings of your pages.

No Monthly SEO Contract, One Time Fee and Proven Results In Just A Few Weeks.

We'll help you get better rankings on Google, Yahoo! and bing with a proven strategy that balances the need for SEO while keeping your costs very minimal. Our no contract SEO Tune-Up program allows you to get proven results without getting locked into a contract. We want to help you to succeed, as your success is our success.

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Search Engines
proven results

toolsWebsite Tune-Up

Our SEO website Tune-Up covers all the elements needed to not only improve your current search engine rankings, but also get you additional search engine rankings for keywords that will get you the best results in your market.

keywordsSearch Keywords

Picking the right keywords and keyword phrases is often the most difficult aspect of an effective SEO campaign. Other SEO companies will often target the wrong keywords. With our SEO Tune-Up we conduct extensive research and pick the best keywords that will get you results.

organicOrganic Search Results

Most visitors to search engines will click on the organic or natural search results as apposed to the paid sponsored listings. With our SEO Tune-Up plan this is where your site will be listed and you will not be billed any per click fees.



meta tagsMeta Tags

Proper meta tags are essential in order to get a good ranking on the engines. Our SEO Tune-Up includes: keyword research, competitor analysis, proper formatting and insertion of the tags within your HTML source code of your index page.

homepageHome Page Content

The home page is the most important page of your website. The search engine put the most weight of your rankings based on the content of your home page. Our SEO Tune-Up includes optimizing the content of your home page to ensure it has the proper keyword density.

site mapSearch Engine Sitemap

We will set up a search engine friendly XML site map for up to 1,000 pages of your website as well as,  upload it to your web server. Sitemaps allow the search engines to easily index all of the pages within your site.


Analytics Google Analytics Set Up

If you do not already have a Google Analytics account we will set one up for you and place the tracking code within your website. Being able to properly analyze the traffic to and on  your website is an essential element of SEO.

webmaster tools Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools provides you with detailed information and reporting about the visibility of your website pages in Google search results. If you do not already have a webmaster tools account our SEO website Tune-Up plan includes setting one up for you.

Google places Google Places Listing

Google Places (Google Maps) listings are now getting shown on the organic search engine results pages. These listings target local visitors  and drive not only website traffic but foot traffic to your business. If you choose we can create and optimize a Google Places listing for your business.


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