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 We have been promoting websites since 1995 (No Other Internet Marketing Company Can Say The Same). BuildTraffic.com is an offspring of Elite Concepts, Inc., a privately held, Rhode Island-based provider of Internet marketing tools and services. Elite Concepts was founded in 1995 by John Tardie, a small business owner who did not start out to provide Internet marketing solutions but was trying then to market products and turned to the Internet. He shared many of the same frustrations as companies do today in establishing and maintaining a cost effective strong Internet presence.

At that time, the Internet was a small knit community of webmasters all learning and helping each other on how to build and market their websites. It was not soon after launching his first successful company website that it became apparent more people were interested in how the website became so popular through Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Marketing than they were in the products the website was offering for sale at that time. That's when www.eliteconcepts.com turned into a tool to help not only the everyday Internet user, but more specifically the Webmaster, Internet Marketer, and small to medium-sized business owner by providing a formidable one stop resource for building, promoting, and profiting from their web sites.

Since then Elite Concepts, Inc. has helped hundreds of thousands of companies, businesses, website owners, and webmasters establish and maintain a professional and effective Internet presence. Though our business has grown tremendously since then our company still remembers its humble roots and we strive to continue our 15 years of success on the Internet by ensuring your success on the Internet.

Our company has the experience and proven track record needed to get you not only the results you need, but the results you deserve by choosing us as your Internet marketing company.

BuildTraffic.com is the next step in the evolution.

At BuildTraffic.com, we understand that the majority of small and mid-size companies today lack the Internet technical resources required to establish and maintain a professional and effective Internet presence. That's where we come in - our mission is to be the premier provider of comprehensive Internet marketing tools and services. 

Elite Concepts,  Inc.
DBA BuildTraffic - BuildTraffic.com
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